Try drawing a line 100mm long to test the linetype scale. Even though these viewports use different display magnifications (1:2 for the main viewport and 1:1 for the Detail A viewport) – the linetype scale for Hidden Lines is the same in both viewports. Quick Tip: View Dashed Lines in a Viewport In the hands-on lab—"Click My Ride: Customizing Autodesk® AutoCAD® for How You Work"—that I presented at Autodesk University 2013, we took a look at a few fundamental approaches to customizing, and adjusting the viewport display of non-continuous linetypes such as Dashed, Center, Hidden, etc. For more information, including the solution to most cases of dashed lines appearing as solid, see our Linetype Scale (LTSCALE) page. Linetype not showing up in viewport. Here is an example. In other words, to make sure enough dashes are showing. Not the custom line I've created. These two viewports below are showing identical objects. That layer could be frozen in the viewport only. While in model space, my dashed lines are dashed lines. I cannot get my dashed lines in my model space to show up dashed in my viewport. By simply toggling the viewport back to raster the lines will disappear. I use viewports to bring the drawing into paperspace and print out dimensioned drawings. All selected Items should now be removed from view. Then, he’ll show you how you can modify, scale or change the properties of each individual viewport in a layout tab. Relationship lines shows what objects are parented to other objects by displaying a dotted line. Context-click the SketchUp viewport and select Explode. They also plot solid. I immediately change the viewport to the dashed line scene. By default, PSLTSCALE is set to 1, which means all linetypes are scaled to the paper space viewport scale factor. Change the Dashed Line Scale to suit the scale of the viewport to make sure that the Dashed line is showing as I need it. Linetype not showing up in viewport Sign in to follow this . It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with these important settings on a general level. The Scale setting does not affect printing. AutoCad :: Getting Dotted Lines To Show Up From Model Space Into Viewport Jul 18, 2011. I want the lines of the rectangle to show in paperspace as dashed lines, not solid lines. I want to hide the shape of hte light in the vewport. Choose Fit to view in the prompt menu or type F, then press Enter. It seems to be something to do with viewport-layer overrides. You could set up the viewports to do a hidden-line removal at plot time, but this would not create the effect you want. I want to hide the lines. (option) To create 2 viewports, do one of the following: Choose Create 2 viewports in the prompt menu. All previously hidden objects should now be displayed. i am changing the dashed line 'dashed line scale' and ... tried several DL line thicknesses & line types also. Frustrating, I know. How long is the line? If it is very small you may not see the dashes. Try this. Close. The extras checkbox will hide or show objects that only have a placeholder in the 3D viewport but isn’t actually a physical object. When you are in Model-Space, and place a dashed line, you may not see the dashed line. Click the Hide Selected Objects in Viewport icon . If you have a dashed pattern (for example) defined as 1/2" line followed by 1/2" break, repeated; that is how it will appear on paper, when printed, without regard to print scale. Try changing that dimension to another layer that is already being displayed in your A4 sheet viewport, such as the walls layer. The dashed lines … John R - I'm not trying to change a tool. In one viewport i have a contour drawn as a dashed line. Right click or press Return. Ralph’s video starts simply, helping you create and move viewports in a new layout tab. Enter 1 or 0 (change to whichever value is not current). I want to see the same dashed lines that I can already see in the viewports, also dashed in modelspace. Dotted lines from model/viewport show as solid lines in plot preview and print solid as well. I end up with the illustration in the center of the page. So I can now see your point! For example, theholes toward the right end of the bracket would be shown dashed in the front view. 1. Controls the scale used to display linetypes in the viewports. Perform a regeneration of the drawing (REGEN or REGENALL command). Another option is set the cut and projection lines of beams to solid. With PSLTSCALE set to 1 (default), set the current linetype to dashed, and then draw a line in a paper space layout. Right click the Make2D hidden lines layer and choose ‘select objects’ in the Layers panel. Fortunately, AutoCAD offers the Setup Profile tool to quickly generate a proper Orthographic Projection view of your solid model Followers 1. Can line types be scaled correctly in different scaled viewports. In Object Properties, change the linetype to dashed; In Options>Document Properties>Annotation>Line types, change the scale for the dashed … In the layout, create a viewport with a zoom factor of 1x, make that layout viewport current, and then draw a line using the same dashed linetype. The Scale setting does not affect printing. Nukecad - thanks, but maybe I have not explained it clearrly. This has other effects that anything below the slab will now show solid, and not just the beams. See that the line type appears exactly at the same size on both viewports! When I go to properties, and select the layer that has the rectangle on it, the properties menu will not allow me to select dashed lines. If the steps linked above fix your issue, you can continue designing. A single viewport which fits in the current drawing display window is created. If the viewport needs to be re-rendered, click the Render button that appears. I've created a dash line type (Format -> Style). Then check to see if the layer is frozen in this viewport only. I can not make good design choices if those lines … Lines from the SketchUp model viewport become vector shapes. Displaying any hidden Items on the drawing. Things like, lights, cameras and empty objects fall into this category. For instance, your hidden lines look great in model space but when you switch to paper space they appear to be continuous line! There are 2 ways to test it: Go to your A4 sheet, double click inside the viewport to make it active. At the command line, enter PSLTSCALE. Link to post. If I remember correctly, in the last version of Layout, once this Dashed Line Scale was set, it stayed the same while zooming in and out of the Layout Page. I cannot get linetypes to print as set up in the screen view. Quote; Share this post. I tried adjusting the line type scale but it only affected the appearance of the other dashed lines in the drawing. The dash line doesn't show up in any of the viewports nor the model space. AutoCad :: Different Linetypes In Different Viewports Dec 7, 2011. If not, please move on to Step 2. Select the second line you drew and right-click. I noticed by searching the forum there are alot of questions about linetypes not showing up correctly, but I could not find someone with my exact problem. There just seems to be a specific issue of these lines that I have hidden inside the components appearing in hybrid and vector views (but not raster). If you need a different scale for a single line, you can change its linetype scale using the Tools > Properties window (Ctrl + 1) and change the linetype scale there.. 2. Another option is use the line over-ride button (under the modify ribbon) to set the individual lines as solid. the dashes are not showing up in the VP. 0. Click the Show All Objects Icon . My drawing is set up with a colour based print style table and I have edited the print style to get the line weights I want and this has worked but I cannot get the dashed and centre lines to print to the scales I want. For the type of projects I do it is most efficient to model the building out of several unit components stacked together. I am a new user to Progecad 9 Pro ver. I do not want the dashed lines to show in my viewport for design choices in vewport mode they are in the way. Set LTSCALE to 0.5 and PLTSCALE to 1 but only showing dashed lines in plot space. I already tried MSLTSCALE = 1 in model space and PSLTSCALE = 1 and LTSCALE = 1 in paperspace. it did not work. I use hidden line mostly but I'm finding that with version 21 the lines aren't crisp lines anymore, they are slightly fussy with the hidden line render. First, my dashed lines aren't showing up. to show the item is hidden.In Another viewport i freeze all layers 'above' this item leaving only the item in the dashed line. Select the Items you wish hide. "While in model space invoke the Ltscale system variable by typing it in at the command line and pressing enter; for a value enter 1. Posted by 2 years ago. This scale factor is, as the name suggests, global for all line types and all lines. In the Top viewport, zoom in on the Make2D result and hide other layers. I copied the viewports to the left to show each one individually. As a result, lines that appear dashed in Model Space – that is, in your working drawing – may appear solid in Paper Space. Yes I did notice you had viewport overrides for the 2 layers in question. Dotted lines from model/viewport show as solid lines in plot preview and print solid as well. If the layer is set to Continuous (in MS) and some other line type (I even tried Center) in the viewport, the LTGen seems to happen whether you've got it turned on or not. You could also try using the model space scale to preview what the line type scale will look like when you plot it, or create a viewport in … is just squirrely enough to warrant some automation. A single viewport which fits in the specified rectangle is created. When I set up a viewport in a layout, these dashed lines are solid. LTSCALE can be any value, tied to an actual scale. The nice thing about annotation scaling is: it has the intelligence to show how your objects should look like in different scales. The left viewport is shown on a 1:100 scale, while the right one in 1:50. Any other ideas? This means no matter what it will show as solid. Select the viewport you want to explode.Select Vector or Hybride from the rendering mode drop-down list. I've adjusted the Dash from 0,0.25 to everything inbetween 0,5.0 and none of them show up. Please notice that there are several types of dashed line types, also in different scales (e.g: DASHED, DASHED2, DASHEDX2). This region manifests as that mysterious red dotted line. [/U] Every line looks a solid line when I go to model space. All I did was draw a rectangle and extrude it. Switching the viewport into rendered mode will show us only the contents of that small area fully rendered, while the rest of the viewport remains in preview shading (or at least that’s the plan I believe, because it’s not actually working for me): I am an AutoCAD beginner and I have been googling this issue for days and cannot find a solution that works for me. The scale factor that you set when you did MVSETUP established the drawing scale factor and knowing the scale factor will help your linetype to appear correctly. In order to see the dashed line, you need to adjust the LTSCALE (Line Type Scale). Rhino help explains scale as below Scale Controls the scale used to display linetypes in the viewports. You can adjust line weight and the dashes scale in the SketchUp Model panel … Next, you’ll see how to change what you see in each new viewport. Am I doing something wrong or is there a fix you can recommend? Archived. RE: Dashed Lines Not Showing in Paperspace zdas04 (Mechanical) 31 Jul 08 13:20 See thread555-168990: Line Weight in Paper Space for the last time this came up. As shown above, LTSCALE not only scales the dashes in dashed lines but also the spaces between them. If you have a dashed pattern (for example) defined as 1/2″ line followed by 1/2″ break, repeated; that is how it will appear on paper, when printed, without regard to print scale. I do not have the right vocabulary to find the answer on google. – LTSCALE & PSLTSCALE are currently set to use the default values for drawings created from scratch. Edit the dashed lines via the Shape Style panel.

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