Templedruid Helio

Templedruid Sandstorm
Templedruid Harvest Moon
Welsh Section A
For sale: 

This is a whole new section for Styalways

This is my granddaughter following in her mother footsteps and taking to the saddle with her best friend Barney

Barney is an excellent pony in every way.

Chloe can stand and brush him she can put his rug on and do his crossover straps round his legs.

She can put Barney out in the field in a morning and then bring him in at nights without any help from an adult.

He will be ridden off the lead rein on any showground in  walk and trot without us having any fear of him running off with her.

He takes everything in his stride even an evening performance which he did at Equifest and we never had to give him any calmers

Chloe has done inhand classes with him he will listen to her voice commands

His manners in the ring are outstanding this is why Chloe and Barney have won so many ribbons


Barney has now gone to his new home and is taking another young lady round the rings